Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets Union ministers, Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman, chief ministers of regions and states, and chairmen of self-administered division and self-administered zones

NAY PYI TAW January 6

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets Union ministers, Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman, chief ministers of regions and states, and chairmen of self-administered division and self-administered zones

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met Union ministers, the Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman, chief ministers of regions and states, and chairmen of self administered division and self-administered zones at his office here this morning.

SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, the SAC Secretary, the SAC Joint Secretary, and SAC members were also present.

The grand-sale Diamond Jubilee Independence Day ceremony is the inerasable milestone in history

In his address, the Senior General said the successful holding of the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day ceremony is a milestone achieved by SAC and the government. Collective efforts have been made by all to reach the present situation amidst the many hardships, he said, and thanked the Union ministers, region/state chief ministers and chairmen of self-administered division and self-administered zones. The Senior General said he took pride in the achievement of the milestone that is inerasable.

Political and national goals set for country’s development

The Senior General said the country regained independence 75 years ago. The Independence Day address openly informs the country and the world about the country’s history and future goals. So, all must take the address seriously. Based on the experiences of the successive eras, the goal – firm establishment of genuine and disciplined multi-party democracy and setting up of a Union based on democracy and federalism – has been implemented.

Multi-party democracy will be the country’s political system, and its administrative system will be a combination of democracy and federalism. It is an administrative system aspired by all the people of the country. Moreover, national prosperity and food sufficiency are set as the national goal.

Internal armed conflicts broke out when the country regained independence, and since then it has passed through bad and violent eras as well as fairly peaceful and stable periods. Internal armed conflicts have not ended yet. Hence, SAC has directed its efforts towards achieving internal peace that is essential for national prosperity. The restoration of internal peace is also included in the five-point roadmap. All must strive with zeal and unyielding spirit to bring prosperity to the country, as a wealthy country has many more opportunities for development. But, the task needs a lot of patience and magnanimity.

With regard to democratic administration and federalism, democracy is based on desire of the majority and it needs to emphasize the desire of the majority. As the desire of the minority was neglected once, some different attitudes happened in the country, causing deterioration of unity. So, everybody needs to thoroughly understand the democratic system.

Likewise, federalism administration needs to fairly cover all managements including regionwise administration, judicial and legislative measures. All regions and states and self administered regions have to enjoy equal terms of rights. To do so, drawing the laws has been agreed in principle for all regions and states. All things must be done under the State Constitution. Likewise, good chances have been created for development undertakings of regions and states. So, achievements could be secured due to utilize the authority. In measures of rule of law, regions and states made concerted efforts for soonest stability. So, they all need to continue their functions to be firm process of rule of law in the future.

Efforts for development of State economy

Since the time of the Tatmadaw government, it had paved the way for market economic system for development of the State economy. In 2011 when the democratic system was initiated, the market economic system was also realized. In the first government term, the State GDP increase rate hit 8.4 percent. In the second term, the rate declined to 3.2 percent. It is necessary to observe the root cause of the decline in the economic sector. It can be assumed that it was because the country too much relied on foreign aid with lack of encouragement to local economy and weakness in management system. Since its establishment, the State Administration Council faced decline of economic in the past government term, outbreak of COVID-19 and global economic crises. So, the GDP rate declined to -5.9 percent. But, the government made efforts for controlling the COVID-19 and encouraging the local businesses. As a result, in the first six-month period of 2021-2022 fiscal year, the government grasped +2.4 percent of GDP growth rate. In the second hand of the fiscal year, the country possessed 3.4 percent of GDP rate. It depended on encouragement to local businesses, utilization of natural resources, agriculture, livestock and forestry sectors as well as human resources. Hence, all need to take experiences to be applied for economic development of the nation.

Political progress and political objectives

With regard to the politics, Myanmar realized the democratic system in 2011. In the first multi- party general elections, the National League for Democracy did not participate in it. But, the first democratic government allowed NLD in the political path with easing the electoral rules and regulations. In 2012 by-election, NLD reached the political way again. But, the suspected events in the 2020 election showed the voting frauds in the inspection.

The Senior General recounted that in his assumption of the duties of the Commander-in- Chief of Defence Services, he had pledged to path of multiparty democratic system. Tatmadaw is responsible for protecting the Constitution (2008). Tatmadaw has agreed to amend the necessary points of the Constitution (2008) but it should not harm the Our Three Main National Causes. In the Our Three Main National Causes: Non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty, the sovereignty is derived from the people. If the country does not have infirm sovereignty, the country will face external and internal conflicts. So, Tatmadaw is upholding the Our Three Main National Causes as the national objectives. If everybody read the constitution, they can see the constitution is based on these three points.

Vote rigging in the 2020 elections had our country’s emerging democracy nipped in the bud, and it had gone down to bad history. It is necessary to prevent such a situation from further happening.

We have to work hard to reach the normal status to realize the two political objectives without fail. Speaking about the normal situation, we must try to reach the situation not lower than that in 2011 or 2016, or a much better situation, if possible. Only then will be able to give our guarantee to the State. Therefore, responsible officials, Union ministers, region/state chief ministers and chairmen of the self-administered zones need to work hard without an unyielding spirit.

I have already talked about the 2020 election results. Voter lists have changed repeatedly. The final lists totalled 38.27 million. Calculating the lists based on those of 2015, the comparison between the population at that time and that in 2020 is not possible at all. Myanmar’s annual population rate is just about 0.85.

When we started assuming State duties, officials met with Hluttaw representatives from Nay Pyi Taw Guesthouse for their help to solve the problem in accord with the law. However, they failed and chose a path to terrorism. It is also a grave mistake. In democracy, everything must be solved within the framework of law. Electoral fraud is a bloodstain as well. Acting beyond the law led to acts of violence and terrorism. We are handling the situation in accord with the law. Responsible officials and chief ministers should review the situation so as to know it considerably and take a lesson.

The region/state chief ministers, leading committee chairmen and self-administer zone chairmen in attendance are urged to present their tasks and activities in an efficient manner and requirements in the interests of their own regions and the whole country.

Next, the Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman, region/state chief ministers, and self-administer zone chairmen reported on regional development tasks, measures for regional peace and stability and the rule of law, progress in completion of the Pankhin project, measures for MSME development, agricultural and livestock breeding undertakings for regional sufficiency, improvement of education and health standard, river-water pumping projects for agricultural purposes through solar power, and regional investments and employment situations.

The Union ministers for their part reported on loan disbursements for national economic growth, the need to supervise the spending of State budgets in accord with the existing rules, disciplines and procedures, measures for full supply of electricity, on-ground checks for correct voter lists and cooperation necessary for the success and correctness, trade progress, the need to extend cultivation as the export of beans and pulses continues, legal affairs, the need for vehicles to change their number plats, appointment of more education staff if necessary, data availability at the websites of the Ministry of Industry for necessary facts for MSME development, the need for systematic control of border points as the COVID-19 virus can spread, formation of people’s security forces and the need to follow the law for association registration. SAC Joint-Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo reported on bomb attacks and killings of innocent monks and civilians by the NUG and CRPH, which have been declared as terrorist organizations, and their proxies such as PDFs and some armed groups, and measures by security forces for State peace and stability.

In response to the presentations, the Senior General, in his supplementary order, said that the exchange of car registration plates is related to security issues and needs to be done as soon as possible. In the same way, it was observed that traffic rules and regulations are not followed well. Regarding education, KG + 9 is set as the minimum educational goal of the state. Regarding private schools, they are being opened with the approval of the Ministry of Education, MIC and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement. Whoever allowed the permission to open them, it is necessary to pay attention to the country’s terms and conditions, and the cultures and carry out systematic and step-by-step verification in the registration of associations.

In some areas, there is a problem with drinking water in the summer. Rainwater can be conserved. In some areas, it was found that they store rainwater and use it throughout the year. We want the respective authorities to carry out what they can in accord with their own programs in respective regions and states to get water. The Chief Ministers need to make efforts to get enough food and to use agricultural water beneficially. It will be very beneficial if we take action to improve the yield per acre in order to meet the goals for agriculture.

The price of fuel is rising, and we have to import a lot of fuel every year. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption and give priority to use public transportation. It is necessary to work on the production of electricity according to regions and states, and to obtain sufficient agricultural water needed for similar agricultural activities, it is needed to use solar energy to produce electricity.

They need to think long-term plan to build sports stadiums and grounds. It needs to be a high-level gymnasium. The Chief Ministers need to do it in a systematic way and to consider about the population according to the regions and states.

Food is important for every human being. Therefore, in order to provide enough food for states and regions that have a need for rice, meat and fish, we must ensure that we can produce enough agricultural products. All our citizens need to be able to eat enough food. Therefore, according to the relevant regions and states, the officials need to make efforts to ensure self-sufficiency of rice, meat and fish and to be able to sell them to the people at low prices.

Then, in his closing speech, the Senior General, said that only people with abilities were appointed to the government, so they overcame many difficulties and were able to serve successfully. Therefore, we need to continue to make efforts in the remaining period. For the development of MSME businesses, we are visiting regions and states to meet the relevant officials and encourage them. The MSME industry is very important for the development of the country’s economy. A total of 70 percent of our country’s population lives in rural areas and most of them work in agriculture. Therefore, if domestic products based on agricultural products can be made, it will greatly contribute to rural development. If MSME businesses develop, they will be able to replace foreign imports, and through this, they will be able to produce good quality domestic products and export them abroad. If we can produce products that can be produced locally and reduce imports from abroad, it will help the country a lot.

If livestock farming is systematically carried out, that will be helpful to domestic consumption and the volume of export items as well. Besides, it will help fulfill demand for bio-fertilizer needed for the agricultural industry and be of much help to MSMEs to make earnings. It is necessary to systematically carry out livestock farming regionally as it is of much help to regional and national economic development.

Regarding utilization of water, it is necessary to save and conserve freshwater and to reasonably utilize it as much as needed. As regards the water, it is to carry out tasks to make the environment green. Regions and ministries concerned are to carry out tasks to have trees in the places where trees and forests should be. Besides, cleanness and tidiness is important too. It is necessary to ensure personal hygiene and tidy dress and clean and beauty of his or her region and nation as well. Living and wearing smart in each of everyone shows the dignity and discipline of a nation. If our nation is beautiful and pleasant having good transport and communications and food, the tourism industry will grow, which means that people at grassroots level will make more earnings and help the nation earn more income. It is necessary to promote domestic commodity production to ensure an increase in the nation’s GDP and export volume. It is necessary to fight against illegal trade as well.

With regard to the election, taking a lesson from vote frauds that happened in 2020, it is to act to ensure a correct voters list. As the voters list released in 2015 is based on the census conducted in 2014, its data is precise. It is important for ensuring accurate data in the forthcoming election. Therefore, it is to take measures from now to ensure that the data will be correct and precise. If necessary, a nation-wide census will be conducted to ensure correct data.

Vote or no vote at the time of the election is being held is up to the wish of each person. It is the duty of a government to make arrangements for ensuring that everyone can vote. As said in the speech delivered on the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day, individual citizens must be freed from unfairness such as threat, coercions, unfair inducement and mobbing to express their opinion. To put the election that could be tested, we have to make efforts. Chief Ministers of the regions and states need to take measures to make sure that voters list is correct and everyone could vote. To do so, it is necessary to make efforts in the remaining time. As it is to further review the matter on election based upon the situation and developments, efforts must be made systematically.

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