SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets hotels and tourism entrepreneurs in Thandwe Township of Rakhine State

NAY PYI TAW January 20

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing this afternoon met with hotels and tourism entrepreneurs at Pristine Mermaid Resort in Thandwe of Rakhine State and discussed improvement of tourism industry and development of the region.

Also present at the meeting were senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications U Aung Kyaw Tun, Head of Rakhine State Directorate of Hotels and Tourism U Tin Tun Aung, and district and township level departmental officials.

Reports on operating hotels and tourism industries and requirements First, Head of Rakhine State Directorate of Hotels and Tourism U Tin Tun Aung and Chairman of Thandwe District Tourism Management Committee District Administrator U Myo Chit reported on operating

hotels and lodges in Thandwe District, issuance of licences to them under the prescribed rules and regulations, arrivals of local and foreign travellers, supervisions for the people to follow the protocols of COVID-19 preventive measures, further creations of beach resorts, efforts for greater increasing of tourism industry, formation of the local tourism management bodies, and realization of guest list management system.

Chairman of Myanmar Hoteliers Association U Aung Myo Min Din, Chairman of the association (Rakhine Zone) proprietor of Bay View Hotel U Than Oo, hotels and tourism entrepreneurs and local people reported on declining arrivals of travellers to the region due to lesser running of airlines, prospects of upgrading Thandwe Airport to the international one for increasing arrivals of local and foreign travellers, need to upgrade Yangon-Ngapali road, requirement of electrification, collective efforts for beautifying Ngapali hotel zone, establishment of a fish farm zone for improvement of fish farm and tourism industry together, control for extraction of sand not to cause destruction to beauties of the beach and needs for setting site for sand extraction.

Discussions over reports With regard to the reports, the Senior General stressed the need for injecting COVID-19 vaccines to all staff in tourism industry. Tourism services must be implemented under the prescribed rules and regulations. Tour operators and aviation officials need to coordinate running of flights. If the Ngapali airport can be upgraded as an international one, it will contribute much to tourism industry.

So, the government will implement the project for upgrading the airport. Although Thahtay hydropower project was implemented to electrify Ngapali region in the past, delay happened for various reasons. So, arrangements are being made to resume the project. Currently, requirement of electricity can be fulfilled with generating electricity from solar power, gasified power and wind power. The Senior General stressed the need for operating fish farming systematically. Tourism is wider not just for accommodation. Hence, efforts must be made for development of other sectors on a wider scale to develop the tourism industry.

Tourism industry is a business to efficiently utilize natural resources capital Furthermore, the Senior General said that the tourism industry is included in the micro, small and medium scale enterprises. The government encourages operation of MSME businesses which comprises manufacturing, trading and services. Travellers and tour operators need to cooperate with each other under mutual understanding in a systematic manner. It comprises transport, catering services, individual services, utensils and production of souvenirs. Likewise, pleasant and beautiful environs are crucial in the tourism industry. The Ngapali Beach is beautiful, winning praises of foreign guests. Hence, it is necessary to apply the existing advantages to know the nature of travellers so as to increase more arrivals of travellers to the region.

For the success of a business, human resources, capital, raw materials and technology are basically necessary. Tourism is a business in which regional resources have to be efficiently employed. It is necessary to produce human resources so as to conduct hotel and tourism businesses successfully. Human resource development requires sector-wise training.

With skilled labour, the service sector will yield fruits. Education must be encouraged without fail for human resource development. Thus, efforts must be made to turn out educated people in the region.

Sweet home attracts guests Regional officials and local people need to cooperate in maintaining the cultural heritage, ancient and religious buildings and making their environs and streets clean and tidy for their beautiful appearances. Green zones must be established for the convenience of visitors. Such efforts will ensure a lot more visitors to the region, thereby contributing to regional income and development.

 Administrative officials assigned in the region need to work on regional development and beauty in accord with the prescribed law and disciplines. They need to perform their duties conscientiously and correctly in the long term interests of their own region and country. They must prevent and warn against any lawless act. They should be aware that any failure to do so will cause great  impact on the regional and national  interests.  Supervisory measures are required to make the streets and environs in the Ngapali region clean and pleasant, improve the pavements,  and systematically erect road signs and ban roadside shops in the street areas.

Locallyproduced foods can attract more visitors. Fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables must appeal to visitors. Fish, meat and fruit used for hotel services need to be grown in the region, and that will facilitate regional socioeconomy and attract visitors.

Textile industries in the country also need to seek marketability. Clothing made of local textiles can help improve the economy. The government will adopt policies and provide as much assistance as possible to  resolve difficulties. Hotel and  tourism entrepreneurs need to work hard to help improvethe national economy in a way.

After the meeting, the Senior General cordially greeted the attendees.

He then inspected construction of Aung Sitthi Recreation Centre (Lintha) in Thandwe and left necessary instructions after hearing reports by officials.

Afterwards, the Senior General and party went to Thandwe Airport where the deputy minister for transport and communications reported on the background history and data of the airport, extension of the runway and further plans to extend the runway and upgrade the airport.

The Senior General said the upgrading of Thandwe Airport to an international one will attract more travellers and facilitate transport of goods including marine products locally  and internationally, thereby contributing to regional development. He then gave necessary instructions on extension of the runway.

Later, the Senior General and party inspected the runway and feasibilities for airport expansion and left necessary instructions.

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