Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses SAC meeting 7/2022

NAY PYI TAW August 16

The country has reached the current situation as violentmeans, instead of  political means, are being applied in addressing the flawed voter lists. It will be difficult to restore stability if the political issue is solved through terrorism instead of through political means. Hence, the government will solve the political issue only through political means.

It will use counterterrorism operations if terrorism instead of political means is applied.

The government is just trying to restore the situation in accord with law and has never started any international attacks, said Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 7/2022 of SAC held at SAC Chairman’s Office here this afternoon.

Also present were SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, SAC members General Mya Tun Oo, Admiral Tin Aung San, Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun, Mahn Nyein Maung, U Thein Nyunt, U Khin Maung Swe, Daw Aye Nu Sein, Jeng Phang Naw Taung, U Moung Har, U Sai Lon Hsai, Saw Daniel, Dr Banya Aung Moe, Lt-Gen Soe Htut, U Shwe Kyein and Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, Secretary Lt-Gen Aung Lin Dway and Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo.

Fund for national economic development The Senior General said a work coordination meeting was held with chief ministers of regions and states and chairmen of self-administered areas during the previous week. SAC has solved all the hardships in the treatment, defence and economic sectors triggered by the political crisis and COVID-19 during its 18-month tenure.

It was an effective meeting held to make the region/statewide undertakings and the progress of work of the government known to all. The previous government held only planning commission and financial commission meetings.

Regions, states and selfadministered areas have their own specific rights. Positive results will be achieved if the undertakings and experiences are being laid as the foundation in seeking sector-wise requirements for constitutional amendments, an issue raised by national races, political parties and EAOs. After the meeting funds were disbursed for regions, states and self-administered areas from the national economic development fund.

Encouragement has been given to paddy and beans cultivation that directly support the national economy. The country puts 15 million acres of monsoon paddy, but the monsoon paddy cultivation season is still far from now. Hence, the funds will be used for summer paddy and green beans which is an exportable crop. Certain amount of funds were also provided to regions, states and self-administered areas where summer paddy and green beans are not cultivated. There are no restrictions to conduct the areawise emerald green project.

The funds are being provided to restore the economy that was in a downturn due to COVID-19.

Priority is given to summer paddy and green bean as the investment for the said two crops ensures a quick win.

Arrangements will be made for farmers to buy fertilizers for the next year’s monsoon paddy with the profits from summer paddy. In addition to the funds, inputs including fertilizers, pesticides will also be supplied.

Farmers will enjoy benefits to a certain degree without making any financial investment. They can pay back their outstanding loans with the profits from the current project.

In operating the agricultural tasks, the cooperative societies must be established through internal links. The government grants them to provide fertilizers, water and quality seeds of crops for cultivation of summerrice. But, they have to try hard to have at least 100 baskets of crops per acre. Agricultural costs will be delivered to farmers for cultivation of coming monsoon rice and summer ones. Surplus incomes will be delivered for growing pulses and beans, cotton and other crops. If so, the government expects some 50 percent of agricultural costs will be subsidized to farmers for monsoon crops in 2024. At the end of 2024, agricultural task of the nation will be doubled. To do so, farmers need to cultivate the least cost for cultivation.

The emerald green project fund allotted to regions and states and self-administered zones are managed under the collaborative efforts, so the fund will be raised in many years, contributing much to the region-wise development tasks.

The Senior General expressed his belief that delivering the fund will be strength for the State.

Need of sufficiently produce products at home for exportation to develop State economy Economy of a country is related to the politics. So, Myanmar must have a strong economic strength. Economy can be divided into two as manufacturing and trading. Only when there are products will it be traded.

Singapore and Hong Kong trade products of other countries in order to develop their State economy. They do not have major factories of manufacturing the products but small and medium factories. Myanmar can do both trading and manufacturing.

In order to enhance production, it is necessary to increase agricultural produce. As manufacturing of foodstuffs for sale is beneficial for the economy, encouraging the production will uplift the economy of the people. It is necessary to strive for manufacturing the products and operating trading. Products must be improved as value-added products. If so, manufacturers will have profits from the production and the government as well. Hence, all need to strive for enhancement of economic sector of the State.

Myanmar has ways of earning incomes from trading and non-trading processes. According to the reports of relevant ministries, the country faces trade deficit on a yearly basis.

In 2017 alone, the country had some trade surplus. It is very dangerous for the nation because these productions are operated through the foreign loans and cash assistance.

Hence, it is necessary to manufacture products for earning foreign exchange through exportation.

In order to increase the export volume, all need to strive for increasing the peracre yield in the agriculture sector and officials need to encourage farmers to produce large quantities of products.

The natural resources above and underground must be exported in form of finished goods but raw materials so as to efficiently utilize them. As such, manufacturing the products in these ways must be operated to enhance the trade process.

Regarding the import goods, efforts are being made to produce import-substitute goods for resurging the State economy.

The Senior General stressed the need to encourage production of goods for sufficiency at home rather than importing the goods which can be manufactured at home. As some products are low quality, production process must be improved with the use of necessary machinery and techniques. It is a must to do import-substitute production.

In importing goods, import of materials related to cotton for the garment industries at home reached some US$-1,280 million worth of chemical threads, other various kinds of textile, cotton textile and threads in 2019-2020 financial year. Although Myanmar can produce cotton, raw materials are exported and finished goods imported.

The threads of Myanmar must be qualified for production of finished goods. So, efforts are being made to cultivation of long staple cottons at home.

Using these quality long staple cottons, factories of the nation can produce quality textiles.

Hence, it is necessary to encourage textile industries. All need to strive for boosting production and trading so as to develop State economy.

Implementation of political and national objective of SAC In connection with politics, efforts must be exerted to stand steadfastly on the multi-party democracy trend. If social and political issues can be resolved, the country will be stable and can move forward on the desired political trend. Our political objective is implementation of multi-party democracy and building a union based on democracy and federalism. To achieve the political objective, necessary measures are being taken for peace and politics.

With respect to social affairs, it is necessary to create a social system suitable for knowledge and skills of individual members of the public. In order to improve the social system, measures must be taken for education and prosperity and job opportunities and income generation.

Social affairs include education, health and social systems.

Concerning the economy, two national objectives are prosperity and provision of abundant supplies of food, water and consumer products and personal goods. Only when the economy is strong, will the country be prosperous and stable.

Therefore, efforts must be basically exerted for the prosperity of the country by trying to make the economy stronger.

Sufficiency of food, water and consumer products and personal goods means provision of enough food and water supplies and household goods. In addition to food sufficiency, measures must be taken to supply enough water to regions where water is scarce. Regions that depend on agriculture need water. Therefore, measures are being taken with the aim of achieving the tasks that must be carried out without fail for provision of abundant supplies of food, water and household goods. Efforts must be exerted for provision of abundant supplies of food, beverages and household goods in the country.

As national objectives are adopted for the country meaningfully, the SAC is required to implement them without fail.

Then, the Senior General elaborated on building a union based on democracy and federalism, saying two political objectives are concerned with exercising the multi-party democracy system. As the system has been chosen by the people, I have no reason to refuse it.

As for building a union based on democracy and federalism, we must move forward to democracy administration and a union that is mandated to exercise federal power. Therefore, I told chief ministers that they have federal power and to exercise it. Now, they are exercising it. Some measures they are taking did not come from the union or the central government. They are measures taken by themselves.

They are ambitious. I like some of them and it is good for the country. I encourage them to go on. I told them to report difficulties to me if they have any. I always tell them so. We must move forward to democracy administration and a union mandated to exercise federal power. The two political objectives are just that. To do so, peace is essential. We are moving forward to peace. Those who understand this come to peace talks. Those who do not understand this are still talking outside. We have held peace talks with 10 EAOs. Just a few days ago, we held peace talks with the SSPP. All these peace talks were successful. When I asked them if they could accept the idea of democracy administration and building a union mandated to exercise federal power, they all said they could accept it. We will meet for the second round of talks. We are trying to meet again this month. We will hold discussions with all ten EAOs as a whole. We will meet with all of them again in September. Then, we will try to sign agreements with them. I can’t say how long it will take at the moment. As we have reached fundamental agreements, we do not see any reason not to achieve success.

I can’t understand why some EAOs cannot realize this. If the real aim is to work for the affairs of national races and the union, there is no reason not to achieve success by trying based on these two points.

We have already told them we want peace and to come to peace talks and that we will discuss the matter and will tell them what is possible and what is not there. We will tell them these are what we want and those are what they want.

So, let’s make bargains and try to reach agreements on what should be. That is the answer.

All have agreed to resolve political issues through dialogue, which is also stated in the five-point consensus of the ASEAN. To prevent the current situation, we invited them to settle voters’ list mistakes in November and December in late 2020 and in January in early 2021. In doing so, we told them to discuss the issues at the Hluttaw or with the commission but they neglected the request. The reason why they neglected the request is that they feared they would have no evidence to settle the disputes, which amounted to acknowledge that the elections were invalid.

Therefore, no discussions about the elections took place.

It is impossible to hold negotiations about violent protests, which must be dealt with by legal action. As voters’ list mistakes were settled not through political means but through violent means, the current situation has arisen.

If they continue to resort to armed methods and violent means without political means, it is difficult for the country to be stable. Therefore, we must resolve political issues through political means. If violent acts are carried out with resolving political issue through political means, anti-terrorism measures must be taken. The government is taking measures in accordance with the law without intentionally attacking first.

Regarding COVID-19 outbreak Control measures were taken but since the second week of this month, about 10 to 20 cases have been reported every day. So, it is necessary to exactly follow the COVID-19 rules. Infection rate is increasing in our neighbouring countries.

Greater care is necessary for those entering the country, and systematic checks are required at border exits and international airports. There are still people in some villages who have yet to be vaccinated for various reasons. Prevention, treatment and control measures are necessary. Preparatory measures must be taken from the health perspective to control infection.

As to the activities of the SAC, its members need to give encouragement in their respective roles. Region and state chief ministers and regional leaders need to know the economic development tasks the State is carrying out. Their encouragement will further facilitatethe tasks, the Senior General said.

Next, SAC members discussed promulgation of a law to take effective action against foreign lackeys and national traitors, keeping stone inscription records of detailed historical facts about Maravijaya Buddha Image, taking action against those inciting to instability in commodity and fuel prices, points to be included in the historic persons’ monument law, regular circulation of foreign exchange in local market, inclusion of deserving organizations in region and state level youth affairs committees, control measures against public talks and assemblies on the pretext of religion, discarding of some ministerial buildings and land plots in the area permitted to build Rakhine State High Court building, necessary measures to end international insurgencies and measures to stabilize national currency.

Then, the Vice-Senior General gave a suggestion about supplementary provisions in the historic persons’ monument law.

In response to the discussions, the Senior General said coordination must be sought with the Ministry of Border Affairs for the formation of youth affairs committees. Foreign exchange rate is calculated and set by the Central Bank depending on income and expenditure of all banks in Myanmar and spending and income in foreign trade. Currency instability has been caused by unscrupulous, self-centered persons. The international community is also experience economic decline.

Our country has experiences some harm due to its scarce foreign currency reserves. But it may not be a problem thanks to the current trade system.

As for fuel oil, the country will have enough till the end of this month. As purchase have been made, oil tankers will be arriving soon. Besides, fuel oil bought from Russia will arrive soon after the end of this month. This is no concern about fuel supply. Fuel prices are being played by traders. So, a directive has been issued to sell at reference prices.

During the period of one and a half years since we assume State duties, we have been able to overcome all difficulties.

Measures are being taken to improve the country’s political and economic situations in six months to come. It will be a period in which we need to work hardest with added momentum.

It is a must to improve economy and stabilize the political situation. For this, peace efforts are also being exerted.

Therefore, inclusive cooperation is necessary. Council members are urged to cooperate on all fronts, the Senior General said.

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