Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets departmental officials and townspeople in Putao Township

NAY PYI TAW December 14

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by his entourage members, the Kachin State chief minister, the Northern Command commander and officials, met with departmental officials and townspeople in Putao Township, Kachin State, and discussed regional development affairs this morning.

Strive for regional development by employing the region’s significant characteristics

In discussing regional development tasks, the Senior General said as Putao is a far-away region, the State will focus on its smooth transport. All possible ways will be sought for regional development. For the local people also, they need to try their best for their regional progress. Putao is a region with significant characteristics. It has cool weather and natural beauties. So, progress can be achieved by making Putao region a tourist destination. Theregion has a lot of gravel fences that attract travellers. It can be made a landmark by making those gravel fences neat and tidy in respective streets and wards as a significant scene to attract foreign visitors. Likewise, beautifying tasks must be carried out to ensure a beautiful environment while flower plants need to be grown.

Encourage and ensure systematic agricultural and livestock businesses

It is necessary to ensure per acre high yields for regional rice sufficiency. High-yield paddy strains with eating quality must be grown. Moreover, regionally suitable fruits and vegetables should be grown for food sufficiency. Meanwhile, systematic livestock breeding businesses must be run. Animal food can be acquired from growing crops in the region. Waste from live-stock breeding can be turned into bio-fertilizers for agricultural purposes. Fish, meat and vegetables produced from those businesses can be processed into value-added goods for other regions and exports. All that will contribute towards regional economy.

Putao region has a high yield of quality fruits such as grapefruit. Systematic techniques and research are necessary to mass-produce such quality fruits. The regional can also grow tea and coffee. Greater efforts must be made to achieve greater success in agriculture to attract local and foreign visitors. Then, the region will develop for sure.

High education standard will facilitate regional progress

High education standard is a guarantee for regional and national development. Putao region has a fine tradition turning out educated people and it needs to maintain the status. All are therefore to cooperate in promoting the education of school-age children in the region. Education provided by education staff can contribute much towards the future of children. So, it is important to encourage and take care of education staff. It is necessary to choose a correct way to ensure that children live comfortably without worries throughout their lives. Only then, can individuals improve their education levels and the regional education standard will improve. It can contribute a lot to regional development.

Later, the Senior General cordially greeted the departmental officials and townspeople.

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