Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets district and township departmental officials of Hainggyikyun town and Ngaputaw Township, Ayeyawady Region

NAY PYI TAW February 8

Chairman of State Admini-stration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met district and township departmental officials and town elders of Hainggyikyun town and Ngaputaw Township, Ayeya wady Region, at local naval base on Hainggyikyun this afternoon and discussed regional and economic development undertakings.

Present together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC member Admiral Tin Aung San, Union ministers, Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister U Tin Maung Win, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, South West Command Commander Brig Gen Kyi Khaing, and officials.

In his speech, the Senior General said Hainggyikyun is a historic region, and it has much potential for progress. In the past, seagoing vessels berthed at Pathein port, but silting later obstructed their entrance into the port. The present government has done a lot for progress of Hainggyi kyun region and transport facilitation. It has built health infrastructures and expedited educational development with the goal of ensuring regional development and education promotion of citizens including locals. Moreover, KG+9 for all is the goal of its education sector.

Discharging of State duties according to Constitution SAC has to assume State duties due to vote rigging in 2020 multiparty democracy general election. During 2019 and in early period of 2020, the current government pointed out the need to ensure freeness and fairness in the election and to guarantee individual voting rights. However, actions that would lead to voterigging were found during preelection canvassing period and the election. The then government’s electionrelated activities were also found to be suspicious. Scrutiny results in dicated its election frauds during the early voting period under the pretext of COVID-19 containment programs. As voter list differences appeared to an unbelievable degree, experts were called in to check them. The Tatmadaw informed responsible persons many times to fix the huge difference in voter lists. But they never solved the problem; instead, they even tried to convene the third Hluttaw and grab the State power by force. The current situation is the result of those acts.

SAC has been calming down the disturbances broke out due to political disagreements only in accord with the law. In the initial period there were only disturbances, but later, the government had to take legal actions against terrorists and bombers. It is indeed a pleasure that Ayeyawady Region is peaceful and stable. Terrorism can be eliminated through the harmonious involvement of Tatmadaw, departmental personnel and local people.

Further development of farming in area which has favourble climate and soil Ayeyawady Region with its rich soil and plenty of water supplies is so successful in farming including fish breeding. MSMEs are also successfully running in all districts. Greater efforts will bring further progress. Officials should enforce the rule of law for regional development. A government must service the people’s interest. The present government is not a political government, but a government that is serving the national interest. Individual assignments must be accomplished in proving the government’s achievements with work. The nation’s economy was in a downturn when the government started to assume responsibility. The national eco-nomic development has reached a certain degree at present thanks to the efforts exerted by the government in office amidst the many difficulties. It will continue its task in accord with the adopted roadmap. Its objective is the establishment of a Union based on democracy and federalism and its national goal is national prosperity and abundance of food. Some regions and states still have obstacles to hold the election. The election must have the integrity and be acceptable by the people. As the election held during the time of the previous government has no inte-grity, SAC is exerting allround efforts to ensure election integrity. In this regard, those who are shouldering the state duties should lend a helping hand in the respective sectors as a civil servant.

After the ceremony, the Senior General presented foodstuff for district and township departmental personnel of Hainggyikyun town and Ngaputaw Town-ship and local elders through an official. The Senior General and party then cordially conversed with the attendees.

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