Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers speech to departmental officials of Ayeyawady Region

NAY PYI TAW February 8

    Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered a speech to departmental officials of the Ayeyawady Region Government at the lounge of Pathein Airport this evening.

Also present at the meeting were Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo and Member Admiral Tin Aung San of the SAC, union ministers, Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister U Tin Maung Win, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, Commander of the SouthWest Command Brig Gen Kyi Khaing and officials from the Ayeyawady Region Government.

First, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying Ayeyawady Region is endowed with allround development in economic, education, health and stability aspects and a pleasant and reliable region for the country.  Achieving such a stature must be attributed to the excellent efforts of the departmental officials at regional governmental officials and responsible officials at district and township levels and cooperation of the local resident. Such fine traditions must be preserved.

Agriculture and livestock breeding are thriving in Ayeyawady Region and continued efforts must be exerted to further boost crop yields. Taking such mea-sures aims to enhance the incomes of individuals and local residents, boosting the money circulation in the region and socioeconomic lives of residents. Boosting crop yields and exporting more crops to other countries will strengthen the economy of the country. As the government will be able to collect more revenue and increased money circulation in the country will serve the interests of the people, all departmental officials are required to make concerted efforts.

It is also necessary to take measures for development of the tourism industry and as guests will visit a house which is pleasant, it is important to create an environment in which streets and houses are need and tidy. Measures must be taken pagodas and monasteries in the region glorious and anyone who sees the pagoda will feel pleasant and want to visit the region again and again. Office operations must be carried out properly with good intention and office buildings must be kept neat and tidy.  Cutting branches and undergrowth will make a place well ventilated and bright and healthy.

Government employees are required to perform their duties individually while it is necessary to be cautious about leaking security news. Staff are required to abide by disciplines of government staff in accordance with the constitution and must be loyal to oneself, one’s department and one’s coworkers and the country. Good relations must be established between the superior and staff and duties must be performed with good intentions. Measures must be taken to enable staff to enjoy benefits and rights they are  entitled to. Government staff are required to treat one another like a family and offer help to solve difficulties of families and social problems.

Government staff the bridge between the government and the people and are required to serve the interest of the people. Government employees must treat the people properly in serving their interests. Efforts must be made to become staff supported by the people. As some education and health staff have carried out their duties so perfectly that local residents requested the government to continue to assign them duties in their regions. The government has been fulfilling the housing needs of staff in accordance with requirements. Although welfare tasks being carried out by the government are not complete, it is believed that the welfare tasks will contribute to the interests of staff to some extent and performance ofduties.

In connection with education, Ayeyawady Region has the largest number of students and schooling and pass rates of the region is the highest in the country. The government has been encouraging all school age children to go school and measures have been taken to enable all citizens to study up to KG+9 level. Government employees are required to encour-age their children to acquire higher levels of education and leave education legacy  for them.

Ayeyawady Region must be a model in agriculture and efforts must be made to turn the region into a role model for other states and regions. I appreciate the efforts of the region and further efforts must be exerted for greater achievements.

Then, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the departmental officials of the Ayeyawady Region Government.

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