Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officers, other ranks and their families from Sittwe Station of Western Command

NAY PYI TAW February 26

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with officers, other ranks and their families from Sittwe Station of the Western Command at the local battalion this afternoon.

Together with the Senior General were his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, Commander of Western Command Maj-Gen Htin Latt Oo and officials.

Political change In his speech, the Senior General said he was glade to meet with the officers, other ranks from Sittwe Station and their families. Tatmadaw officers, other ranks and families need to know the real situation where the Tatmadaw has to take a leading role in the national politics.

He then explained the Tatmadaw’s leading role in multiparty democracy, practice of multiparty democracy since 2011, Tatmadaw’s dutiful efforts and suggestions during the two democratic governments’ tenures, less progress of the country during the weaknesses in management and administration under the second democratic government, a no vote campaign by the public as they had no trust in the election and there was no progress as they had expected, his urging of the people to cast votes to promote multiparty democracy, actions taken by the other party for fear of getting less votes, vote rigging in the 2020 general election and no action taken to solve the problem, Tatmadaw’s assumption of State duties by declaring state of emergency after the situation that emerged in the country, Tatmadaw’s ongoing efforts by adopting policies and objectives for political, economic, social and allround development and State peace and stability, step by step procedures including on ground data collection to ensure correct voter lists in the coming election after taking a lesson of electoral fraud in the 2020 election, the need for any country to always work hard if they want to progress and Tatmadaw’s efforts for allround development of the country including politics, economy and peace amid the current situation.

Military discipline and order must be followed The Senior General said his explanation was aimed at enabling the Tatmadaw members to know the prevailing conditions and understand that the Tatmadaw will always serve the public interests no matter which government rules the country.

Individual Tatmadaw members need to work hard for the improvement of their qualifications.

Subject wise training courses are being conducted for individual Tatmadaw members for their skills and knowledge as well as quality, so they for their part need to work hard. Military discipline is the backbone of the Tatmadaw, and good soldiers will emerge only if they are to follow the military discipline and order. Obedience is important in shouldering State security and defence duties while good discipline is necessary.

Good discipline means following order. Disciplines are imposed so that any task can be carried out systematically and unnecessary things can be avoided. It is necessary to understand that disciplines are not strict without reasons. Individuals must promote their lives by following the disciplines.

People are essential In any case, people are the most important. That’s why they say, “People are essential.”

People participate in all matters such as the country’s politics, economy and social affairs and people’s leadership, compliance and creations are important. Therefore, we have to make to ensure that individual qualities and skills are high.

Therefore, one is the most important person for improving his or her life. As a soldier, it is important to live and work to improve the skills and quality.

All military personnel have basically been taught military skills. It is taught in order to fight. They need to handle and use the weapons professionally.

To make good military personnel, the Tatmadaw is teaching and training the various disciplines.

Military skills are taught to improve military discipline and obedience to orders, so individual soldiers must follow military discipline and always strive to improve their quality.

We must improve ourselves and there must be a balanced command and control of the leaders In order to be able to fulfill the individual responsibilities, we will need to be fit and have regular training. In order to be healthy and fit, one must maintain selfcontrol and have a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet. Improving the quality of individuals among people is directly related to themselves, so they need to be able to maintain themselves. If they work hard with selfconfidence, their individual social lives will also rise. Each person will not have the same way of life, but most of the military members live with their superiors, colleagues and subordinates and one must learn from good points and experiences from them and use them to improve his life.

We need to consult and support each other and correct each other on what should and should not be done. As the leaders, they also need to command and administer the forces they lead in a balanced manner, and they need to govern with the spirit of a good commander. As leaders, they need to take good care of their families, their army and their environment.

Armyowned and sole proprietorship agriculture and livestock breeding In the same way that various countries in the world are experiencing difficulties due to high commodity prices, we are also experiencing high commodity prices. Although there are natural resources and human resources, it is seen that progress is lagging behind due to the lack of willingness to work and continuous effort.

Therefore, efforts are being made to improve domestic manufacturing and develop the country’s economy. In the Tatmadaw, the continuous implementation of militaryowned and sole proprietorship farming is also to help in the food supply on the one hand. Due to the continuous implementation of the militaryowned and sole proprietorship farming activities in the regiment, they were able to successfully overcome difficulties. Therefore, military personnel and family members need to continue to implement it.

Quality of education must be enhanced Quality of education of children of personnel must be enhanced.

To beneficially utilize the summer holiday, it is necessary to urge children to study lessons of the previous year again or basic English and computer courses and culture courses must be conducted. The good habit of studying literature must be cultivated for their entire lives.

To promote the education standards of personnel, they are required to study at Tatmadaw education school properly. If individual personnel can enhance their capabilities and power of arms and equipment can be boosted, the Tatmadaw will be stronger. The capabilities of the entire Tatmadaw must be enhanced by boosting the capabilities of individual personnel.

Foodstuffs and cash rewards presented Then, the Senior General presented foodstuffs for personnel and families to the commander and the wife of the Senior General presented cash rewards for the station Maternal and Child Welfare Association to the wife of the commander.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party warmly greeted the officers and other ranks and families and attended to the needs reported by them.

Then, the Senior General and wife and party visited the local Defence Services Hospital in Sittwe and asked after the health of individual officers, other ranks and family members, spoke words of comfort to and presented foodstuffs for them individually.

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