SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects temporary damming on Hsinthe Creek and solar-powered water pumping system, meets local farmers in Shadaw Village in Tatkon Township


    Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock  and  Irrigation  U  Min Naung, Union Minister for Cooperatives and Rural Development U Hla Moe, Chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council U Tin Oo Lwin, the commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command and officials, this morning inspected temporary damming process on Hsinthe Creek and solar-powered water pumping  system  in  Shadaw Village of Tatkon Township in Nay Pyi Taw Council.

Director General U Bo Bo Kyaw of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation reported on construction of the temporary dam on Hsinthe Creek and supply of water through solarpowered water pumping system, and efforts for providing agricultural water by building dams with solarpowered water pumping stations across the nation.

Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman U Tin Oo Lwin reported on progress of growing summer and monsoon paddy and other crops within five years and irrigated cultivation in five years.

In his responses, the Senior General stressed the need to sufficiently supply water to the agricultural sector. Only when farmlands get sufficient water, will its peracre yield of double cropping increase as well as agricultural produce rise. Hence, it is necessary to systematically emphasize supply of water.

Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that after taking State responsibilities, the government is placing an emphasis on prosperity of the nation and food security. Prosperity comprises rule of law and improvement of knowledge and skills. Only when these factors are combined, will the people enjoy fruits of prosperity of the nation. With regard to the food security, some 70 percent of the people are residing in the rural area and engaging in manufacturing business based on agriculture and livestock farms. Some people in urban area are operating horticultural farms, agriculture and livestock farms. If they try to improve agricultural tasks, State economy will boom. So, the objectives were adopted for prosperity of the nation and food security.

Food, clothing and shelter are important for each person. As Myanmar emphasizes agriculture, it is necessary for the people not to face difficulties in food supply. The country possesses 13 million acres of farmlands, over 590,000 acres of croplands, more than 300,000 acres of hillside farmlands and 14 million acres of horticultural farms as well as 640,000 acres of other lands. It is necessary to efficiently utilize these lands. Currently, as these lands cannot be efficiently utilized, the agriculture sector sees lesser progress.

Water plays a key role in agricultural sector. So, priority is given to supply of agricultural water.

As there are lesser number of rainy days in Nay Pyi Taw, inflow of water volume to the dams is lesser. This being so, local people wastes use of water. Especially, the best ways are being sought for efficient supply of water in summer. There are three kinds of water -water from rivers and creeks, rainwater and damming water. It is necessary to carefully use water. It is necessary to raise public awareness on utilization of water trough TV programmes and other ways. If water is used in dropping and pipeline systems, water can be used efficiently. So, arrangements are being made to teach use of water at institutes of agriculture.

Agricultural tasks require water in summer. Water can be taken from rivers and creeks, dams and underground water. If water pumping process can be done through solarpowered system in summer, it can much reduce fuel consumption. Hence, relevant ministries are assigned to implement such a plan. Myanmar is making efforts for building solar plants and generating electricity from solar power.

As applying solar power in water pumping process contributes to cultivation of crops in double cropping pattern, it can develop agriculture sector. Profits from the agricultural sector will obtain costs for using solar system. Temporary dams can be built on creeks and drains for pumping water. Trees should be grown along both sides of creeks to be water shedding. Setting fire to forests, forest fire and setting fire to waste in farmlands cause air pollution,

hazard to the health of the people. It is necessary to seek other ways and means for setting fire to waste of farmlands rather than making fertilizers for cultivation. All have to create the clean environment. All have to conserve trees and forests for environment and do agricultural tasks. Local people still missing chances to consume electricity are using firewood for cooking. The country sees 8 percent decline of deforestation across the nation. Hence, it is necessary to conserve forests not to cause dryness of water.

Regarding the use of underground water, it is necessary to plant watershed forest trees and conserve and use water in a systematic manner. When it rains, the water they get is stored properly and used aggressively. If water can be conserved in dry streams and ditches, underground water can be obtained. In order to obtain water, people must create it. If we can conserve water, we will have enough water for agriculture and drinking.

If enough water is available to carry out agricultural activities, it will be possible to carry out additional crops, so farmers will get more income. Improving agricultural yield and planting crops will be more productive. If more crops are produced, farmers’ income will increase, food for the country will also increase,  and  the  country’s income will increase as it can be exported to foreign countries. Therefore, we need to take action to improve to plant the additional crops.

Due to the lack of selfsufficiency of cooking oil in our coun try, we have to import oil from abroad every year. Oil crops are grown in the country, but there is no domestic oil selfsufficiency. Therefore, it is being carried out as a national duty to ensure oil selfsufficiency. It is necessary to increase the yield of oil crops. If it is planted properly, the goals will be met and there will be selfsufficiency in cooking oil.

Regarding sunflower cultivation, the consumption of sunflower oil in the country is low. Sunflower has been cultivated successfully in the country and the yield is good. Therefore, the relevant ministries have been assigned the task of improving sunflower cultivation. The sunflower cultivation activities can be carried out in Tatkone area. If this can be done, Nay Pyi Taw can become a big oil pot of Myanmar. Therefore, we are managing the availability of water required for agriculture.

In order to be able to carry out agricultural activities successfully, it is necessary to have a good bred, to get enough manure, to obtain enough water for cultivation and to plant in a systematic way. If these four points can be carried out in an orderly manner, the goals and objectives will be met. We need water and land to be used efficiently. Therefore, if the agricultural activities are carried out systematically, it will bring many benefits to the Tatkone area. Fertilizers are imported from abroad every year. We are planning to reoperate the fertilizer factories in the country. In order to reduce the import of fertilizers from abroad, it is necessary to use the waste products produced from the production of natural fertilizers and the proper breeding of livestock as biological fertilizers. To be able to carry out agricultural activities related to livestock activities, it is possible to carry out meat production and milk production from animal husbandry. There is already a livestock breeding zone in the township, so we need to be able to carry out breeding as a model. I want them to be proud of their area by carrying out farming and breeding activities successfully in the township.

Regarding the land, it was found that agricultural land is being used in other ways. Our country is a country that earns its living through agriculture and livestock, so we need to consider and take action to ensure that agricultural land does not decrease. Therefore, we want the farmers who own the land to value their land. Officials also need to deal properly with the farm land law. The state wished for the economic development of the agricultural farmers in the area. The development of the country is not for the government, but for the development of the country. The strength of the country is only existed within it. Rather than exploiting underground resources, the state wants it to successfully carry out agricultural activities that are resources on the ground. If it is carried out in a systematic way, it will be possible to carry out the business successfully. Therefore, everyone needs to make an allround effort with awareness, and the Senior General warmly greeted the farmers.

After that, the Senior General inspected the operation of the Shadaw solarpowered water pumping system and the distribution of agricultural water.

The solarpowered water pumping system is very beneficial for areas that need agricultural water and therefore, the solar irrigation system needs to be implemented through a cooperative system to enable farmers to use it widely, and other necessary guidelines are ordered.

After that, the Senior General and party visited and inspected the systematic development of 79.88 acres of agricultural land in Gway Pin (model) Village. By planting in oneacre plots, as well as being able to accommodate more plots, the yield potential will also improve. Similarly, planting and harvesting will be done with modern equipment. By constructing production roads, agricultural products will be able to be transported easily and quickly. In the Nay Pyi Taw council area, farmers will be able to earn more by carrying out the main crops cultivation activities such as rice, beans, corn and sunflower. It is necessary for those in charge to find a way to achieve the goal of planting crops.

As our country is a country that mainly engages in agriculture, if we can improve it, manufacturing activities will improve and agricultural products produced will be able to be exported to foreign countries, which will greatly contribute to the development of the country’s economy, the Senior General said.

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