Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets senior instructor officers, senior lecturers, experienced mentors, assigned officers, and cadets of Defence Services Technological Academy

Nay Pyi Taw May 29

Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met senior instructor officers, senior lecturers, experienced mentors, assigned officers, and cadets of Defence Services Technological Academy at the convocation hall of DSTA this afternoon.

Also present together with the Senior General were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Vice Admiral Zwe Win Myint, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the Central Command commander, officials of PyinOoLwin Station, and the DSTA commandant.


Live like a true soldier

In his address, the Senior General said DSTA is turning out officer engineers for Tatmadaw Army, Navy and Air). In addition to engineering subjects, it is also teaching basic military knowledge. Their types of unit may differ, but all soldiers are shouldering their assigned national defence duties. A soldier must live like a real soldier. Tatmadaw is a disciplined institution working in accord with the rules and its members are serving their duties in accord with the issued orders and directives. There must be uniformity in the duties of battalions and units and their headquarters. Hence, all must observe the rules of the Tatmadaw and live and practice like a true soldier.

Constantly strive to become a good engineer as well as a good soldier

A good engineer needs engineering philosophy which is an emerging discipline that considers what engineering is, what engineers do, and how their work affects society. In fact, engineers need to think from the engineering viewpoint and act in a better way. So, they must try to attain engineering philosophy through continuous studies.

Engineering has various subjects, but basically they all come from the same source. An engineer must be skilled in various subjects from the basic level. All the training schools, universities of the Tatmadaw have balanced the ratio between instructors and trainees. Likewise, DSTA has also struck a balance between the ratio of instructors and trainees. So, trainees must try to become brilliant and valuable officers in the practical field.

Cadets must exert extra efforts throughout the course to become excellent officers. They must systematically try to become fully trained persons through basic courses. A good soldier needs morale, discipline and health and fitness. Every soldier must correctly follow and carry out daily duties in accord with the motto – Hard training saves lives. He must read books to have good knowledge.

Maintain good practices

As trainees have joined the Tatmadaw of their own volition, they must be self-reliant to stand on their own feet. The spirit that attained during the initial period is important. From the time they become cadets they must nurture the spirit to gain success and to become good officers based on self-confidence and self-reliance. During the six-year course they must learn engineering subjects and undergo training. Moreover, they must nurture, develop and maintain the good practices of observing the rules, relying only on self, and acting in unison with the organization. They must also read books to enhance their general knowledge apart from their studies.

Reading widens knowledge which will be much beneficial to life. They must also share their knowledge through talks, public discussions, as knowledge dissemination has many advantages. There is a Myanmar saying, which goes, “You can survive only one morning without water and seven days without food.” Likewise lack of literature knowledge will lead to a life of miseries. Hence, without literature knowledge, life will be worthless. Trainees and instructors must constantly nurture the habit of reading that is much helpful to life’s progress.

To become good officers who can successfully overcome difficulties encountered in the practical field by using the skills learned

Regarding the instructors, they need to teach subjects they have to share to the trainees so that the trainees can actually learn the subjects. The instructors need to share experiences gained in life to the trainees as well as to teach the trainees the literary knowledge that they have learnt. If they teach the trainees a combination of literature knowledge and experience, the trainees we produced will be more outstanding. If the instructors, rather than teaching according to the book, teach the trainees with a sense of good attention to make the trainees truly skillful, their students will become more and will remember it throughout their life. Listening to the teachings of instructors and seniors, who are more experienced, with keen interest and following them will be of help to improve their life. It is necessary for the trainees to systematically learn the teaching of teachers, and in the training measures, they need to comply with military discipline, orders and instructions. The instructors are to make trainees fully trained to have good morale in order that the trainees will discharge duties with good discipline and morale in battalions and units where they will be posted. Only if trainees are taught and trained systematically and properly according to the subjects concerned, will they be able to use them well in the practical field and be good officers who can successfully overcome difficulties encountered.


In the Tatmadaw, leadership skills are very important, and if you are a good follower with obedience to orders and good military discipline, you will be able to become a complete, good leader when you become a leader. People’s ability is not similar in leadership, and one needs to train oneself in order to be a good leader. If you practice well during the course, you will become good military leaders. In order to be good engineers, it is necessary to take training properly according to relevant subjects. Therefore, it is necessary for the trainees to systematically practice themselves and the instructors and teachers are to systematically train the trainees as well.

In order to produce good military officers who are full of capacity, the process to select the cadets was carried out according to the criteria. We have much to do in building the Tatmadaw and nation. We must always strive to improve in line with the changing era. It is best to always do what should be done. Therefore, constant efforts are to be made to achieve success in the tasks to be done.

After that, the Senior General and party visited the Maha Shwemyintin Pagoda in Pyin- OoLwin to pay homage. At the pagoda, first, the Senior General offered flowers and oil lamps to the Buddha Image at the pagoda.

Then, the Senior General made a cash donation for the pagoda through the chairman of the pagoda board of trustees. After that, he paid homage to the pagoda. He also gave instructions to carry out necessary maintenance for the long-term durability and existence of the pagoda and fulfilled the needs for offering a gold robe to the pagoda.

After that, the Senior General paid homage to the Buddha Image at the hall in which the Buddha’s Footprint is and offered flowers, cold water and oil lamps to the Buddha Image.

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