Collective efforts for PyinOoLwin beautifying and development will enhance its existing characteristics

Nay Pyi Taw May 30

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met departmental personnel of PyinOoLwin township and district at the meeting hall of National Landmark Gardens in PyinOoLwin in Mandalay Region this morning, and discussed beautifying and development of PyinOoLwin and extension of coffee sown acreage.

Present together with the Senior General were union ministers U Min Naung, U Khin Maung Yi, and Dr Thet Khaing Win, Region Chief Minister U Myo Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commanderin-Chief, the Central Command commander, and officials.

Need to restore national environment

In his address, the Senior General said PyinOoLwin has existed since many years ago and it has many historical buildings. The town is praised as the mountain resort, flower city and mountain stairways. So, the town must have the said characteristics. It was constantly visited by local and foreign tourists. The number of visitors fell during the COVID-19 epidemic, but now the number has increased again. It is required to satisfy the visitors who wish to enjoy its beauty with peace and happiness. PyinOoLwin once was a cool place and climate change has increased its temperatures. Change in the natural environment is also caused by human activities. Hence, man has the responsibility to restore it.

Once, in the past, lakes in National Kandawgyi Gardens dried up due to various reasons including dwindling water resources, loss of natural springs, rise in temperatures in the area, decrease in water flow of inlets. The government inspected inlets, springs, underground drains, and conducted necessary restoration and conservation. Hence, inlets are now providing an adequate amount of water into the lakes. It is the act of humans. Hence, all should make necessary maintenance and conservation activities for re-greening the PyinOoLwin region.

Reforestation must be done to restore forests that were depleted for various reasons. Climate will improve and the natural environment will be green again only if local-friendly tree species are cultivated. Public awareness campaigns must be launched for the ward dwellers to grow trees as necessary in accord with the rules. As treegrowing helps conserve nature, tree planting must be encouraged in PyinOoLwin.

Land use must be according to rules

Officials must regulate rules of land use to stop misuse of land permitted in accord with the land use law for agriculture. Officials at all levels should take supervisory action against violation of law and rules in land use. Forest depletion and environmental degradation is caused by weak management. Reforestation must be done in areas that lost their forest. This program must be carried out in other regional towns apart from PyinOoLwin. Rivers and streams will become normal if forests and climate can be restored. If they become normal they can be harnessed to generate electricity.

Promote coffee cultivation

Coffee plan was launched over 20 years ago. Regulation of rules is required in land use. Official supervision is required for the success of coffee plantations. Building of homes on land permitted for coffee has hurt the business. Action was taken against some of the coffee plantations for breaking the rules. The quality of Myanmar coffee is high. So coffee must be produced on a commercial scale by increasing quality coffee raw materials and increasing sown acreage. If coffee can be exported as finished goods rather than raw materials it will be much beneficial to the economy. Hence, the PyinOoLwin region should develop its coffee production.

Education improvement, beautifying and development of PyinOoLwin

PyinOoLwin must be developed as a tourism city, resort city and healthcare city as it has fresh air and favourable weather. The town already has a good reputation in education. Its fine weather is supportive of education. In this regard, education promotion activities must be carried out. Hence, public schools must observe the rules, and pass rate is not the only issue that matters, they must be the centres that teach students to become truly educated.

Cleanliness and pleasantness must be prioritized as it is a tourism city. The town must have a clean environment where sanitation is carried out by every individual and home. Departmental officials should beautify the town by systematically maintaining their offices, departments, bridges and structures. It should be a garbage free town where a proper drainage system is ensured. Town beautifying plan must be drawn from the viewpoint of Engineering Philosophy. The Senior General said he has exerted extra impetus encouraging the greening activities nationwide, and visited some townships in Yangon and Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone that face floods due to heavy rains during the last year’s rainy season and gave necessary directives. So, the level of floods is low this year.

It is necessary to cooperate for the pleasantness of PyinOo-Lwin. In planting trees, it is necessary to conserve original flower species of the town in line with its attribute “Flower City”. It is also necessary to urge people to plant flowering plants in residential quarters and compounds. Concerted efforts must be made to make the town match up with its natural attributes such as Cherry City, Flower City and the City of Terraces. Residents are urged to make concerted efforts for the pleasantness of the town consciously.

As there are favourable conditions to manufacture dairy products in PyinOoLwin, efforts must be made for development of manufacturing dairy products. If such efforts can be made, imports of dairy products from other countries can be reduced enormously. The government is ready to offer necessary assistance but individuals are required to take necessary measures by themselves. If manufacturing dairy products can be boosted, it will contribute much to the country in some way or another. PyinOoLwin is a town with many attributes and if further efforts can be made to improve the conditions of the town, its image will improve..

Efforts for coffee cultivation and urban development reported

Then, Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Min Naung reported to the Senior General on cultivation of coffee, action taken against coffee plantations that violate rules and regulations in the project area, plans to expand coffee cultivation, formation of the coffee project supervisory committee and distribution of coffee seedling while Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi reported to the Senior General on transferring coffee plantations that violated rules and regulations in the project area to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation after taking action in accordance with the law.

Union Minister for Health Dr Thet Khaing Win reported to the Senior General on allocation of land for facilities to make PyinOoLwin a city of health and Chief Minister U Myo Aung of Mandalay Region reported to the Senior General on salient points of PyinOoLwin District, measures taken in respective sectors for development of the town, school admission and schooling in the previous academic year in townships in the region, plans for urban construction and development in the town, development of an agriculture and livestock breeding zone and construction of production roads, efforts made for streamlining water flow in Gelong Creek in PyinOo-Lwin. Development Affairs Minister Mayor U Kyaw San reported to the Senior General on measures being taken for greening and pleasantness of the town.

After hearing the reports, the Senior General said cultivation of coffee is a profitable business and there are some countries that mainly cultivate coffee and export it. It is necessary for the country to make progress in coffee cultivation and produce coffee as a national export.

Coffee farmers are required to cultivate coffee in accordance with rules and regulations. In allocating land for construction of hospitals, it is important to choose a location that has access to basic needs such as water, electricity, administration and transportation. Officials responsible for development affairs are required to make efforts to maintain roads that meet standards of them, to grow flowering plants and trees on both sides for pleasantness of the region, and to take measures for water supply and pleasantness of wards.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to carry out regional development tasks for PyinOoLwin and departmental staff are required to exert efforts for development and pleasantness of the town where they are performing duties as much as possible as one’s own town and region.

Then, the Senior General and party inspected the National Kandawgyi Park by car and gave necessary instructions on reports of responsible officials. Afterward, the Senior General and party inspected the land allocated for construction of private hospitals to make PyinOoLwin a city of health and attended to the needs reported by officials.

Then, the Senior General and party proceeded to People’s General Hospital in PyinOo- Lwin, where they were welcomed by superintendent Dr Thein Tun and health workers. The Senior General inspected the renovation of the Orthopedic and Neurology ward that was damaged by the rocket attack of terrorist insurgents at the night of 14 April and asked after the health of patients in the ward cordially one by one before giving assistance to them.

Then, the Senior General inspected wards and clinics in the hospital and gave instructions on cleanliness, maintenance of medical equipment and other needs.

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