As Tatmadaw members legally hold arms in serving duties, they must abide by military discipline, civil-military laws, international laws and conventions and must be free from personality cult and isms and must have consideration in accord with the law

Nay Pyi Taw April 18

As the Tatmadaw is an organization armed in accord with the law, Tatmadaw members must try to understand the civil and military laws and live and act under the discipline in serving their duties. They must abide by the military codes of conduct and international laws and conventions. They must be free from personality cult and isms and must have consideration in accord with the law, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at his meeting with senior military officers attending law (officer) diploma course at the Military Administrative School in PyinOoLwin Station this morning.

Present were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military offi cers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), the commander of Central Command, senior military offi cers of PyinOoLwin Station and senior officer trainees.

In his speech, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said law has been included as subject in the different levels of courses from the cadet courses and law courses are being conducted as specific courses. Tatmadaw members always abide by the civil laws in addition to the military laws as discipline is the backbone of the Tatmadaw. To be able to observe the laws, they must fi rst understand them. They should understand the legal punishment for breaking the rules. The Tatmadaw is an organization protecting the people and conducting international relations while servicing the national defence duty.

Troops serving at the border are engaged in the bilateral military relations and joint training in the territorial land and waters. They also jointly serve duties when necessary. In so doing, the commanders should have knowledge of the international laws. In addition they must lead their subordinates to follow their example. At the time when the nation is on the democracy path, military-civil relations become more important. So, Tatmadaw members should have wider legal knowledge. Internal armed confl icts have not ended yet in the country and there is no political stability.

So peace must be restored. The Tatmadaw should not become a political tool amidst the political instability. The Tatmadaw is on its national political path. Hence, military offi cers at all ranks must have good knowledge of the Constitution. In the military judicial affairs punishments are given according to the incident. In accord with the administrative and military judicial affairs a commander has to act as lawyer, judge and administrator at the same time. An administrator must act in a fair and equal manner and with fatherly and commanding spirit, while a judge needs to bring justice through consideration. For a lawyer, he must try to ensure that his client receives no punishment if not guilty and receives the punishment he deserves if guilty. In commanding subordinates, commanders must act in a fair manner and without any bias. Legal affairs must be carried out without personality cult or ism.

Under the military service law, those who have turned 18 or eligible voters can join the Tatmadaw. One cannot commit a crime because one has no legal knowledge and no one is above the law. Actions will be taken if someone breaks the law. The problems in Indin Village, Buthidaung-Maungtaw region were solved in line with the Geneva Convention and legal action was taken against military officers and other ranks who failed to respect the law. In October 2016, Bengali terrorists with superior manpower attacked police posts, looted guns and brutally killed local ethnics and security troops. As their acts were lawless, the Tatmadaw launched area clearance operation. As similar attacks were carried out in August 2017, operation was conducted in accord with the law. As a result, the Bengali terrorists failed to achieve their aim.

Fearing punishment for their lawless acts, they as well as their families, relatives and accomplices fl ed to the other country. As they did not dare to come back for fear of punishment, they made false accusations against the Tatmadaw to mislead the international community.

The Senior General continued to say that violation of law in an undisciplined manner could harm the unity in the Tatmadaw so precaution is necessary. International laws such as border relations law, territory-related law and maritime and aviation laws are important for Tatmadawmen. They also need to be familiar with UN rules and procedures and international conventions. Commanders need to make sure that offi cers and other ranks do not breach rules and disciplines as it could harm the image of the Tatmadaw and the State. They must systematically deal with the rules, orders and disciplines prescribed for security reasons. Discipline means do’s and don’ts. Every country has its national character. Being the strongest organization, the Tatmadaw must try to safeguard Myanmar from losing national character due to the current mainstreams.


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