State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets with town elders in Pathein, discusses regional development in Ayeyawady Region

NAY PYI TAW August 11

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by his entourages, the Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region, the commander of South-West Command, those from Ayeyawady Region Government, and departmental officials, this afternoon met with town elders at the guest house of the government office in Pathein of Ayeyawady Region and cordially discussed regional development.

First, the Senior General made discussions, saying that Ayeyawady Region is enjoying improvement in all sectors including economic, education, health, and peace and tranquility, which is reliable for the country. In this regard, the region’s condition depends on endeavours of region government and departmental officials at different levels in addition to cooperation of local people. Hence, the Senior General urged all to maintain such a fine tradition and endeavours.

It can be seen that Ayeyawady Region has high rice sufficiency, and possesses high quality paddy strains. In the education sector, the region can take pride in scoring the highest number of students and the highest pass rate. The government is encouraging the education sector. Agriculture, livestock and industrial high schools have been opened in 50 districts with more plans to extend similar schools. The Senior General said that he himself recognizes the endeavours of Ayeyawady Region and urged all attendees to cordially discuss any requirements for development of the region.

Those attendee town elders said that they have never grabbed such opportunities to directly discuss something with the Head of State before. They expressed they took pride in efforts of the Senior General who make trips to the grassroots levels for the sake of the State and the region. They also discussed raising peracre yield of agricultural tasks in the region, requirements for maintenance of soil quality, enhancement of soil quality for damaging it in long term use of pearl, urea and other compound fertilizers, establishment of an agriculture and livestock university in the region, and requirement to upgrade some parts of roads in the region despite betterment in transport sector. The region chief minister gave a supplementary report.

In his response, the Senior General said that inputs such fertilizers and natural fertilizers must be used systematically for increasing the per-acre yield of crops, and it is necessary to maintain soil quality. Kenaf must be cultivated to produce natural fertilizers and help fertilize soil. The Senior General stressed the need to prevent loss of existing species of plants, declining of quality and conducting research works. Not only the government but businesspersons from relevant regions have to strive for implementing the market economic system. The government on its part will tackle the policies.

The Senior General underscored that it is necessary to operate livestock breeding farms together with agricultural tasks. Agriculture and livestock sectors are inseparable, and waste from livestock farms can be used as natural fertilizers. Likewise, agricultural raw materials can be used as animal feeds. Ayeyawady Region is a proper area to operate fish farms. It has the market share for selling advanced fish products. As the region is in the condition of successfully managing the cattle farming tasks, extended works can be much beneficial for the State and the region.

Using fertilizers for increasing per-acre yield of crops can harm quality of original quality of crops. Using natural fertilizers as much as possible can control soil quality and crops quality. As farmers operate their farming tasks on the small plots, they have to change mindset to operate the acre plots for implementation of the mechanized farming, raising the per-acre yield of crops. Land must be prepared systematically to grow paddy meeting the target so as to increase the per-acre yield. The agricultural tasks must have quality strains of crops, fertile soil, sufficiency of agricultural water and correctly agricultural techniques. If so, the agricultural tasks will achieve success.

With regard to the transport sector, the Senior General highlighted that a large number of vehicles roll on Pathein-Yangon road daily. As upgrading of road depends on number of daily passing vehicles in line with the international standards, efforts are being made to upgrade the Pathein-Yangon road.A plan is underway to upgrade Pathein Airport in order to admit landing and taking off of airplanes from international airlines. The Senior General noted that Ayeyawady Region possesses natural beauties, domestic foods and other sound foundations for operating tourism industry.

Although electric power projects were implemented in the country in the past, these were halted due to various reasons. So, the country faced loss of electricity sufficiency. At present, electric power projects are being implemented.

Officials need to supervise uplifting of living standard of the people and enforce traffic rules in Pathein. Local people have to follow the prescribed disciplines. Ayeyawady Region is a reliable region of the State, and it needs to shape itself as a symbol in the agriculture sector.

The government will fulfill the needs.

The Senior General and party cordially greeted town elders of Pathein in Ayeyawady Region.

The Senior General and party visited Pathein by car.

The Senior General and wife and party paid homage to Shwemuhtaw Pagoda in Pathein where they were welcomed by members of the pagoda board of trustees. The Senior General, wife and party paid homage to the pagoda and offered flowers, water and oil lights.

The Senior General signed the visitors’ book and donated cash for all-round renovation of the pagoda and offering gold foils to the pagoda through officials from the board who returned Dhamma gifts.

The Senior General and party visited the pagoda round the clock-wise and gave instructions on maintenance of the pagoda for long term existence and magnificence and other necessary measures.

The Senior General and party viewed round the shops selling religious objects and traditional handicrafts at the stairway and cordially greeted those present.

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