Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing extends New Year Greetings for 2024

National brethren of the Republic of Union of Myanmar, I wish you all health and happiness at this time when the year 2023 ends and the year 2024 begins. I also pray for a risk-free world for all the global peoples and a peaceful human community where love and unity prevails.

During 2023, the country faced some hardships and challenges, but the government and the national people were able to successfully overcome them through cooperation.

Persons, who have no wish to develop the country peacefully and democratically, generated public disturbances by applying various methods. Hence, the country experienced negative impacts from the damages caused to State-owned property and public-owned property by destructive acts. If there were no such acts and incidents, our country would be gaining greater progress. In fact, it is a lesson for us all. We must overcome all obstacles with the love for our country and race and unity. In 2024 also, the government will join hands with the people in successfully implementing the adopted national goals, political goals, roadmap, and objectives. Economic growth is our main endeavor.

Our efforts will also be centred on further promotion of farming-based MSMEs and the education sector. In this regard, collective participation of all the country’s ethnic peoples has become a must for national peace and stability and socioeconomic development. In accord with the motto “Move forward to the goal”, the government will endeavor to build a better nation and improve the socioeconomic life in the interest of the country and the people.

The government will undertake a nation-wide population and housing census in 2024.

The census will produce figures and social factors that will be useful for our country’s social, economic and management affairs. Moreover, they will also be useful in ensuring correctness and completeness of the voter list, the foundation of the free and fair multi-party democracy election and the ultimate goal of the government The participation of the entire people in conducting the census is also essential.

The country regained independence 76 years ago, but it failed to achieve the deserved progress due to certain reasons.

If we desire national prosperity and progress, firstly, we must obey the law, secondly, we must have discipline and unity, thirdly, we must make inclusive efforts for all school age children to attend classes with a vision for future, and fourthly, we must invest our financial capacity or physical ability for production growth.

Every activity needs strength, and a happy family is a must.

We must continue to bring all the matters that are beneficial to the country and leave behind all negative thoughts, views and acts of the previous year, and let us all march to our aspired new country with sympathy, delightfulness and loving kindness for one another in a community free from racism, religious extremism and localism. With this I conclude my New Year Greetings.

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